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Only the name is synonymous with excellence recognized worldwide.
It is in the taste of its meat that focuses the result of over 20 centuries lived with the man in her living from farming and breeding, working the land and pulling carts filled with products of our territory. 
Chianina has aquired a unique quality marked, hard to find in other breeds. 
The target, of working origin, has printed the different morphological characteristics of this breed. 
The somatic gigantism exibhit in the dimension: lenght of the body, grow of the muscles especially the saddle and loins are the highest esxpression.
The exceptional increase in weight, also, to be able to compensate fot the large skeletal development, comprehensive and harmonizas the subjects that belong to the Chianina breed.
These unique features make the race an improver in all fields, especially used as a reproductor on other cattle breeds, transmitting its own characteristics in the offspring.  



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